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A Note from Our Founder:

Just as it typically does, this all started with a problem we were having back in 2011. We were tired of spending a ridiculous amount of time submitting orders on spreadsheets or PDFs just to have to reconfirm everything an hour later.

So we started building what eventually became MTM.Design. Our goal was simple: leverage modern software to deliver the best made-to-measure client experience possible. Years later we're pretty happy with what we've built.

Retailers around the world are taking advantage of our platform that eliminates back-and-forth communication with manufacturers, drastically improves day to day business operations, and allows the customer to view the final product before needle touches thread. We can't wait to show it to you.


Why we do it

The made-to-measure industry is complex and riddled with inefficiencies at every step of the way. Modern technology has given us the tools to solve many of these problems yet because of a lack of innovators and builders our industry has remained in the dark ages. We're working tirelessly to change this and make the lives of everyone from manufacturers to fabric suppliers to store owners better.

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